What Are Removal Proceedings?

If you or a loved one are in removal proceedings, it means the federal government is trying to deport you from the United States. Deportation means the government will physically remove you from the United States. Sometimes, the proceedings can look and feel like a criminal trial, but removal proceedings are civil in nature. This.

Social Media and Immigration

Social Media & Immigration

On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, the Department of Homeland Security announced in the Federal Register that they would soon begin collecting social media user identifications, such as a person’s usernames, identifiers, or handles. DHS announced in the rule that they would not collect any passwords. Finally, the Applicant would only be forced to disclose any.

Border Wall

How Will a Border Wall Help?

The number of undocumented people living in the United States has continued to decline from 2016-2017. According to a study from the Center for Migration Studies, this marks the seventh consecutive year that visa overstays outnumbered illegal border wall crossings. Most people obtain a visa from an overseas U.S. consulate. A visa is an official.

Countries Represented

Countries and Clients Represented

As of today, our Immigration Team have represented individuals from 28 countries and have represented different clients at 17 Immigration Courts! The following of countries that we have represented: United States, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, India, Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Israel,.

Hurt at Work

Immigrants Entitled to Same Rights When Hurt at Work

The Mississippi Workers Compensation Act clearly states that “aliens…shall be entitled to the same amount as provided for residents.”  Our Personal Injury Law Firm has represented many undocumented workers’ over the years.  A large number of undocumented workers were scared to even come to us because they were afraid they could not make a Workers.

Fuentes-Agustin Family

Fuentes-Agustin Family Support

CG Immigration Team, and the Fuentes-Agustin Family met with various news outlets (WJTV, WAPT, WLBT, CLARION LEDGER) yesterday to discuss what the family has been going through since the recent home invasion they have experienced which hospitalized their son due to being shot three times as well as the long road they have ahead of.


ICE Raids

ICE and HSI has conducted raids through various cities in Mississippi today. If you have family members or friends that call you after they’ve been processed, ask for their Alien Number. It will be on his/her bracelet on their wrist, paperwork and/or their badge and get their location if they know it. If you or.

Driver's Licenses

NY Approves Driver’s Licenses For Immigrants

The legislation, known as the Green Light Bill, expands access to driver’s licenses to an estimated 265,000 undocumented New Yorkers. Supporters say it will create safer roads, increase state revenue and keep families together by preventing traffic violations from turning into deportations. “This is life-changing, and we are proud to stand on the right side.